What People Say

What People Say...

“I tried other methods of weight loss and always fell back to my old ways. Hypnosis is working great and I have no cravings for sweets, carbs, etc.”
- Chris Dudek

“I came to [Albany Hypnosis Center] to see if hypnosis would work for me to quit smoking cigarettes. I was incredibly surprised that after the first session, I no longer wanted to smoke. The hypnosis broke my habit and I was able to easily quit smoking.” 
- Branden Cary

“I love this [weight loss] program. I feel successful and like I have made life lasting changes.”
- Lisa Kennedy

“The main reason for seeking help at Albany Hypnosis Center was to control my stress and help me control my stomach pain. After my 3rd session, I’m controlling my stress better which is causing less pain. I believe that I will heal completely." 
- Barnabi Gonzalez  

"Hypnosis is very effective in quitting smoking. It took all my urges away and made it incredibly easy to just not crave the cigarette at all."
- Jeremy Fiscaletti

"I came to [Albany Hypnosis Center] to lose weight. It's been great. I've lost weight, I feel better and I can't wait to hit my goal. I don't crave sugar and I feel great. I'm walking taller, I hold my head up instead of looking down. My clothes fit better."
- Lee St. John

"I came to work on mitigating my anxiety in music performance. I feel that I have made progress with this. I learned that I can enjoy playing and enjoy being in front of an audience."
- Ann Marie Schwartz

"I quit smoking after 25 years, extremely happy with the outcome."
- Donald Bender

"I feel the [smoking] program definitely works and I don't believe I could have done this without hypnosis. Your voice has a genuine soothing touch that made me relax upon starting."
- Michele Stewart

"I came to lose weight and have learned not to obsess about food, to eat when I'm hungry and become more physically active."
- Carolyn Young

"I came to Albany Hypnosis Center to receive help in losing weight. In six weeks, I am underway in this goal and feeling healthier and happier. My clothes are fitting better and I have more energy. I have a much better outlook for the future."
- Lisa Hunter
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