Stop Smoking Now Seminars

Is smoking your dirty little secret? Are you hiding out, embarrassed by judgment of non-smokers, and not feeling welcome in public places? Are you constantly using gum, mints, and sprays to cover the smell? Are you sick and tired of shortness of breath, low energy, coughing, stained teeth and aged skin? Are you still spending thousands of dollars making yourself sick and guilty, instead of taking that vacation? Bottom line, are you DONE with having a substance CONTROL YOU? Our bet is that you answered “yes” to most if not all of these questions, and you are not alone.
YOU no longer WANT to do this anymore, and YOU no longer HAVE to do this anymore! We know because we have been there and are now smoke-free. You can feel younger, more vibrant, more energetic and HEALTHIER than you have in years. You can literally and figuratively breathe easier. You can have PRIDE and confidence in how you look, feel and smell. You can be more ACTIVE, doing the things you want to be doing now. You will have thousands of dollars every year to buy the things you deserve and have the experiences you are missing out on now. YOU can be FREE of this burden. Most importantly, you can truly be HAPPY with yourself and your accomplishment.

Regain Control

We are here to give YOU back the CONTROL you have lost to smoking. You know support can create an advantage over attempting to quit on your own. Hypnosis supports YOU and YOUR decision to STOP SMOKING!

How is our group session different and more effective than other programs?
  • We focus on a limited number of people to give more attention to YOU, and monitor your needs. 
  • We provide reinforcement recordings for daily listening to make YOUR results long-lasting. 
  • We teach you how to easily ward off cravings, should you have any. 

Sign up using the form on this page to make the best 2-hour investment of your life. The Stop Smoking Now seminar is $99 at the door. Register and pay for a seminar in advance to get a $10 discount. Due to the small and focused group sessions, we recommend registering in advance to ensure you get the time and location you need!

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