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Reduce Stress

Do you have tension headaches, backaches, sleepless nights and the ever-present lack of energy? Is your mind filled with worry and stress? Stress is everywhere: in the office, in the car, in our homes. It follows us around and steals our energy. Stress is a leading cause of headaches, teeth grinding, stomach cramps, weight gain and more. Do you have a constant back ache? Stress creates muscle tension in your body which leads your body to be more sensitive to pain. Stress hurts! Managing your stress leads to natural pain management and relief from feelings of anxiousness. Stress management can also help you lose weight.
The physical demands we place on our bodies catch up to us eventually. Overexertion has become so common that we accept these things as part of life and forget what it is like to feel physically at ease. Imagine how much more productive you would be if you had less stress.
Then there are the mental stresses. The bills to be paid, the piles of work on your desk, and the gaps in between what we desire for ourselves and what is reality. Our minds become so filled with worry that we have a difficult time concentrating. It's hard to think clearly when you are stressed. If we could just get a break from all these issues, maybe, just maybe, we could resolve a few things.

Emotional stress can be sticky. Losing a loved one, a troubled relationship, or our past history can all leave us feeling taxed emotionally. These are tougher to ignore and tend to blend in with other types of stress. In the end we are just drained, physically, emotionally and mentally. While we cannot  eliminate pain & stress completely, hypnosis can provide you with much needed relief. Managing your stress levels, is a natural pain management solution for aches and pains that your body is suffering. Are you ready to take action? Hypnosis can help! Would you like to find out more about the benefits of hypnosis?

The Benefits of Less Stress

Learn to relax, naturally! Imagine what it would be like if you could:
  •  Wake feeling rested and energized each day!
  •  Feel healthier, calmer and more connected!
  •  Enjoy less stress and happier relationships! 
Now, stress is normal and natural, and its purpose is to get us to take action. It kicks our fight or flight response into action. But how much stress do you really need to get the job done? The average person's stress level goes up and down on a day to day basis depending on life events, circumstances, bills, challenges, etc. But if you're feeling stressed out day after day … then it's just not good for you.
If you find yourself regularly stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed, then our stress reduction program is for you. Give your mind, your body, and your heart the attention they need to function at their peak. Call now for your FREE hypnosis screening: (518) 275-7388 .
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 “I really can’t believe how much different I feel, think and act with regard to not internalizing and magnifying every dilemma. After 2nd session, I noticed when I was having challenging situations throughout the day, I experienced them in a more peaceful, less stressful way.” - Kristen Roehr  

“I’m much more equipped to handle stressful situations than I was before. This has resulted in a dramatic improvement in my health! I highly recommend Deborah to anyone considering hypnosis.” - Elizabeth Page

"Our adult daughter, who has three children, made significant changes in her life last fall. The changes, which involved moving from a town she had lived in for a number of years to a new location. She left a job she enjoyed for an opportunity to continue her education. Between finances, uprooting her children, moving and starting a new life she suffered from stress and anxiety along with periodic bouts of crying. With the help of Albany Hypnosis Center, she felt more relaxed, less anxious, and while not stress free, as the situation had not changed, she is now able to cope with stress. This was accomplished without the use of pharmaceuticals. We are extremely grateful for the time and effort that Deb Nettles put in to helping our daughter reclaim her life. Without hesitation we recommend Deb Nettles of Albany Hypnosis Center.” - Beverly & John Fox 

"Deborah helped me with test anxiety, leading to two 4.0 semesters in a row!" - Will 

"I used hypnosis for stress and noticed a change in behavior almost immediately. I feel more centered. I achieved relaxation while doing hypnosis, as well as after." - Jennifer Lyons

“After 4 sessions my anxiety and dizziness decreased 90%. I fully expect it to completely go away.” - Kelly C.

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