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Lose Weight Albany, NY

Weight Loss Albany, NY

Lose Weight

Albany Hypnosis Center offers a new way to become thinner that's fun and safe! We offer customized programs that balance nutrition and fitness. There are NO prepackaged foods, pills, strict diets, or dangerous surgeries. With hypnosis, we help you emotionally gain control, develop healthy eating habits, enjoy physical activity, build self-confidence, reduce stress, and feel more energetic. 
Are you tired of struggling to lose weight? Is it making you miserable? If so, you have come to the right place!

There is no better time to start than right now. Contact Albany Hypnosis Center at (518) 275-7388 today to schedule your free screening!

Proven Results

Are you ready to take back control of your weight, your health and your life? You can join the thousands of successful clients who have lost weight and kept it off using hypnosis!

In our program you will receive:
  • Proven system for achieving success!
  • Reinforcement programs for home listening!
  • Written service guarantee that ensures lasting support! 
Eliminate cravings! Lose weight and feel great! It can happen for you, call us to find out how. 
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“Having been on various diets for the last 35+ years, this is the first time I felt I have had the control over myself. The hypnosis is a key player in weight loss - made all the difference and made it easy and fun.” - Tom Martin

"I realized my issues with weight were connected with lack of self-esteem. I am a happier, more confident person. I learned to like myself which helped me to make better choices." - Rosalie Ault

“I am amazed at how hypnosis is working for me and how easy it is for me to resist and be able to walk away from the sugar foods.” - Karen N. 

"I noticed a considerable difference in my ability to say ‘no’ to sugar, which was previously an uncontrollable urge." - Nikki Pappas

“My expectations were exceeded. Hypnosis has re-trained my mind to listen to my body and forget the clock. Love it!” - Lori Clark

“My addiction to food is gone and I no longer eat for other reasons except being physically hungry.” - Robin Wolfe

“It was very surprising that the cravings and lust for sugary products seemingly vanished and new items replaced them. Broccoli, which I hated, I now grab as a snack.” 
- Rob Hilts

“I really wasn’t sure I could be hypnotized or if it would work. I’m finding it does. The daily tapes reinforces you to eat correctly and to go out and exercise, a big one for me. I’m a happier person and I even dared to put away my scale, something I lived by.” 
- Elenor

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